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One Minute Tip: Create a Facebook List for the Pages you “Like”

How many Facebook business fan pages have you “liked?” Are they cluttering up your news feed? You can file them into lists to help you keep in touch with your favorites.

Recently I posted a One Minute Tip to help you create a Facebook “Featured Likes” file where you can follow your favorite Facebook business fan pages.

I just found out another coolly way to file your Facebook pages, thanks to colleague Sue Surdam at Social Media 101: Artizon Digital.

You’re not limited to putting “friends” into lists. You can file business pages into lists, too. First you have to create a Facebook list. Just how do you create a list in Facebook, anyway? Glad you asked.  🙂

First, go to your personal profile. Unfortunately, you can’t do this yet from your business fan pages (in the immortal words of Chris Berman, “C’mon, Man!”).

Get to your news feed (otherwise known as “Home.” You can see the link for “Home” on the top right of your page).

On the left side of your news feed, you’ll see categories: Pages, Apps, Lists etc. Hover your mouse over the word “Lists,” and you’ll see “More” to the right of “Lists.” Click on “More.”

Click on the “Create List” button on the top right of the lists.

To create a Facebook list, click on Create a List

Type the name of the list you want to create on Facebook into the box that pops up.

To create a Business List on Facebook, type name of list in field

Click on “Add Friends.”

Now to create a list on Facebook that contains business pages instead of friends, click on the down arrow in the upper left corner where you see “Friends.”

Choose “Pages.”

Check the business pages you want to put into your list. Hit “Done” and you’re done!

Now anytime you’re on your Facebook Home page (also known as your news feed), you can choose that list from the left side of your Home page and you will see the posts of the fan pages you put into that list.

I never knew you could do this, did you?

Donna Saliter, In Touch Promotions, One Minute Tips


One Minute Tip: Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Page

My Facebook business page, In Touch Promotions, has been tagged in other Facebook biz pages’ posts before, but it wasn’t until the other day when I read WagnerWrites’ post that it dawned on me. You can get more engagement on your Facebook fan page by proactively asking other Facebook business pages to comment on your business page.

Tag FB biz pages in your post and get lots of comments

Claire Wagner of WagnerWrites invites us to respond to her post.

So if you want to increase engagement on your Facebook fan page, tag other pages in a post. To tag a page in your post, type the “@” symbol, then begin typing the name of the page you want to tag in the post. Facebook should autopopulate a list of suggestions.

When the page you want to tag is highlighted, hit “Enter” and the business page name should show up in your post in blue. (Note: sometimes it doesn’t work when Facebook’s being quirky.)

You can tag pages in your post to increase engagement on your Facebook fan page.

The other pages will be notified that you tagged them in your post. Naturally, they’ll click on the post to see what you said about them. Make sure your post is inviting enough for them to respond.

Think about the content and write a post that they will want to respond to. Ask their opinion on something; tag them as an expert on a subject; somehow invite them as a specialist in their field to comment on your post.

Increase engagement on your FB posts by tagging pages in the posts

Don’t forget to invite all your fans to respond too. And, don’t forget to comment on these pages’ posts on a regular basis. This should help you increase your Facebook page engagement and get more comments on your posts.

I’ll be testing this theory on my Facebook business page so come on over and visit and tell me what you think! Many thanks to Claire Wagner of WagnerWrites for this great idea.

Donna Saliter, In Touch Promotions, One Minute Tips

Japan’s Great Loss and Mashable’s Great Faux Pas

Wow, so far March has been quite a month of surprise and tragedy. We’re living through one of the most catastrophic events we’ve experienced in our lifetime. The 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, aftershocks and nuclear plant meltdown that hit Japan March 11th are changing our world, forcing many of us to put our localized troubles into perspective.

When Mashable posted a question on Facebook Tuesday, March 15, asking: “The tragedy in Japan could also hurt the global economy. Which popular tech products are in danger?,” there were many angered responses. “Too soon” and “bad taste” were two of the most popular posted comment responses. Mashable’s question made me wonder whether mother nature would add insult to Japan’s injury by teaming up with an economic crisis.

Toyota, Sony and Cannon have all shut down operations in their Japanese plants. The ripple affect reached the US Thursday, March 17 (Happy St. Patrick’s Day) when GM announced it is halting production until it can get the parts it needs from Japan. Disney announced it’s closing its Japan park for the next 10 days. Financial analysts on Bloomberg radio speculated on a double-dip recession for the fault-lying country. It looks like Japan needs the world’s help more than ever.

Here in CT, USA, we’re trying to put aside our local issues and look at the global picture. Hard to do in our neck o’ the woods, lol.

Although a lot has happened in the Facebook and Twitter world in the last week – iFrame Landing Tab troubles (thanks Facebook @FanPage Help), Twitter https malfunction-ality, whale-in-Japan video virus – none of it seems so important now as reaching out to our global neighbor, Japan, in its time of need. As an aside, my 90-year-old-neighbors, Carl and Ibba Williams, recall that the reaching out isn’t so easy, but they’re willing. If you know our corner, you know how much that means.

So from our little corner to yours, we stand with you, honor you, pray for you, pause for you, and thank you for your role in our global…realization.


Welcome, Hartford Public Library eMail Marketing Class!

1/25/2011 – Welcome, Hartford Public Library Email Marketing Class!

I enjoyed our class today and look forward to our time together during the next two classes. This blog page is dedicated to you. Please feel free to blog here, email each other, send each other your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn business pages (see below to connect with In Touch Promotions’ biz pages) and comment here on this blog page about how you are succeeding with your online endeavors.

Share your successes and failures. I and your fellow classmates want to learn from you.

Many thanks,

Donna S.

In Touch Promotions

Facebook Fantasies

Jan 23 2011 – As a start-up company helping clients with email marketing and social media, I’ve been diving into Facebook full force, and I feel like I’m in FantasyLand. Social media news giants like Mashable, FacebookForum and The Next Web have helped me research the good, bad and the ugly about Facebook. This week it seems that privacy issues have hit the fore.

First, the news broke on Sunday of a hacker warning. You know those notifications you receive that a friend has commented on your post? If you click on one, and get a prompt to enter your username and password, DON’T DO IT! (See FacebookForum for the full story:

Next, Mashable announced that Facebook will officially be sharing its users’ profile information, such as addresses and phone numbers, to third-party applications, adding that privacy experts had no small degree of concern over the matter ( At this point, I was psyched and got ready to look up Mark Zuckerberg’s cell phone to discuss with him the possibilities of his hiring In Touch Promotions to provide his blog content.

Today, I saw the news first on The Next Web that Facebook is rescinding that kind offer to its app partners to share our private information ( I cancelled my call to Mr. Zuckerberg, but decided that my new birthday, 1/15/1905 will remain. You can wish me a happy 107th next year at this time.

And now it seems we’ve come full circle: how do you like the new Facebook profile look? Well, you can access the old profile if you’d like. Would you like to? Go back to what you’re used to? And not have to change to the new? Don’t worry, you can! All you have to do is grant the application full access to your profile information, and perhaps download a game or two. It’s a hoax and a virus. Many thanks to FacebookForum for breaking this news this afternoon:

At this point I thought to myself: welcome to social media FantasyLand. Now wake up and smell the coffee!

Some New Business Tests

I am testing all the connections between blog, Facebook and Twitter. Many thanks to Blue Ice Technologies for helping me set up these pages and links.

Five Steps to Get You Started On Email Marketing

Are you new to email marketing? Here are five steps to get you started:

  1. Pick a reputable email service provider (ESP). With over 350,000 customers and a free 2-month trial period, we recommend Constant Contact.
  2. Sign up your account with the email service provider. You will have to enter a lot of information and upload your data and it could take awhile. This is a service that In Touch Promotions provides, and for a limited time, the service is free ($89 value). Call Donna Saliter at 860-435-4712 to get started today.
  3. Write content for your upcoming email correspondence. What do you want to say? Keep in mind there are three types of communications in email marketing:
  • Informing your stakeholders
  • Inviting your stakeholders
  • Offering a product or service to your stakeholders

Informing your stakeholders means sending them information about your organization and/or expertise that is relevant to them. With email marketing, you inform stakeholders using e-newsletters, news bulletins, and emails that contain pertinent content.

Inviting your stakeholders means sending them an e-card to invite them to an event. With email service providers such as Constant Contact, stakeholders can respond to your invitation using a relatively inexpensive online event registration tool.

Offering a product or service to your stakeholders means sending an email that invites them to purchase your offering. Coupons are widely used in email marketing to offer services and products.

What the heck: I’m going to add a fourth category:

  • Asking your stakeholders for feedback. Using an online survey tool, you can gauge how your clients and donors feel about your organization. This is a really effective tool in email marketing because you can continue the conversation with your stakeholders on a deeper level, which adds “relevant content” for them and repeat business for you.

     4.   Collect email addresses. This is perhaps the hardest task in the beginning. Email service providers like Constant Contact maintain their reputations by enforcing high standards and best practices in email marketing. Reputable ESPs work on permission-based email, which means your stakeholders have to authorize you sending them email. In his article “List Building for Success: Good email marketing starts with a quality list,” Constant Contact expert Alec Stern gives you several ways to build your email list.

     5.  Choose your “brand” – how you want your emails, e-newsletters, etc to look. Choose colors, fonts, etc that match your logo and style. Here’s an effective email branding design checklist from Pamela Adams of Constant Contact:

Once you have the content, list and brand, you’re ready to begin your email marketing adventure! To get started with a free 30-minute consultation, call Donna Saliter at 860-435-4712 or visit our website at In Touch Promotions.